Best technology inventions of 2017

Best technology inventions of 2017
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JIBO robot

Jibo is the irst social robot for the home, that pushing the boundaries of smart-speaker capabilities.

Jibo is powered by face and voice recognition technology, so he remembers people and builds real relationships with everyone he meets.

jibo robot



Electronic glasses that let the legally blind actually see, be mobile, and independently engage in virtually all activities of daily living.

eSight is a unique wearable medical device that enhances the functional vision of a person who has low vision or is legally blind.

esight glasses


Multi elevator
The world’s first rope-free elevator. The Wonkavator can go sideways, and slantways, and longways, and backways, and square ways, and front ways. The technology allows multiple elevator cabins to run in a loop – “like a metro system inside a building”.

multi elevator

Nest Secure
The Nest Secure alarm system is easy to live with every day, with sensors for doors, windows, and motion, and alarm alerts sent directly to your phone. The Secure hub can be disarmed by waving a key fob instead of typing a pass code, and those key fobs can be programmed to work within certain time frames—so a babysitter, for example, could access your home only while she’s working. A smartphone app also lets users manage their system from afar.

nest security alarm system

Mars InSight lander
InSight is a robotic Mars lander designed to study the interior and subsurface of Mars, which would in turn help scientists to understand the Earth and Solar System history. InSight’s objective is to place a stationary lander equipped with a seismometer and heat transfer probe on the surface of Mars to study the planet’s early geological evolution. This could bring new understanding of the Solar System’s terrestrial planets — Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars — and the Earth’s Moon.

Mars InSight lander