Energy efficiency tips – part 1

Energy efficiency tips – part 1
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1. Turn off the lights in your room

Although lights do not consume so much electricity (especially the energy savings bulbs), lots of energy could be save if you constantly do not leave them turned on for the most part of the day (even you are not into the room).
Try to make it a practice to turn off the lights

2. Replace the filters regularly

Most of the cooling and heating devices at home use filters (even the kitchen absorber). The efficiency of that devices depends of the clearness of their filters.
So keep them clean and replace the filters regularly. Ask your parents to see what kind of filters you need and how often you should replace it.

3. The dirty coils make the electricity appliance to consume more energy
The coil of the refrigerator can get dirty over a certain period of time. In most of the cases it accumulates a lot of dirt within a 6 months period of time. The dirt coil makes the refrigerator to work harder in order to achieve the desire temperature.
To improve the energy efficiency of the refrigerator you should clean and vacuum the coil every six months.

4. Close the windows and doors or replace it if they are old and not well insulated
If you use heating or cooling equipment the better option is to close the windows and keep it closed if you need lower or higher temperature in the room.
As a rule the open windows or doors would make your cooling or heating equipment to require more energy to serve better.
If you keep the windows and dorrs closed the equipment you use will not work so hard to keep the required temperature inside the room, so it will be more energy efficiency that means you will save energy and money.

5. Use a proper sized devices with a proper installed capacity
When you wand to buy cooling or heating equipment you should know the size of your room. It means you should know the volume of the room. The selection of a proper equipment depends of the room size and the rest of the energy devices installed in the room.
The proper sized cooling and heating equipment will reduce your energy expenditure.


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