Energy efficiency tips – part 2

Energy efficiency tips – part 2
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6. Use a timer
When you sleep or will be about of the room for a whole day or even longer period of time use the timer of your cooling or heating equipment to keep the inside room temperature lower.
The timer can be use to turn on or turn off your equipment at a proper time.

7. Dry your clothers by a natural way

One of a good way to dry your clothes is to use the natural way instead the dry machine.
If you use the washing machine dryer it will increase you electricity bill.
So the better option is to hang the clothes outside and left them the sun dry or o hang them in a “dry room” and let them to be dry on a natural way.

8. Unplug all unused devices
Its important to know and to keep it in mind that all electricity appliances use electricity even they are in a sleep mode.
So just unplug the sockets when the device is not in use. It will be good to do it even for the night time when you are going to go to bed.

8. Computer monitor
If you still use the large type monitor (as CRT) it’s time to replace it.
The CRT screens use more energy than the LCD monitors type.
Aside consuming lesser energy it will improve your work space and is better to your eyes.

9. Refrigerator / freezer
Don’t leave open for a long time the door of the refrigerator and a freezer.

Don’t put inside the refrigerator and freezer warm food or meal.

10. Install an exhaust fan in your kitchen
During the cooking the exhaust fan can help a lots in blowing the hot air from the place (not only the smoke and smell). It can help you to save energy especially during the summer time. Using the exhaust fan reduce the energy for cooling.


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