Energy efficiency tips – part 3

Energy efficiency tips – part 3
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11. Block the summer light to save energy for cooling
Blocking the summer light could be done by lots of ways – for example by using sunshade, blind, curtain and etc.

12. Allow the light from the winter sun to go through the windows inside the room to save energy for heating.

13. Have a technician check your electric wirings regularly
To check the wirings inside the house is important, in order to reduce the energy consumption. If you check it regularly it will ensure that no wires are damaged by pests, that can cause more energy consumption or even a short circuit. This is a proper way not only to save energy but to keep your home safer as well.

14. Dry the dishes by a natural way – air dry
Using the dishwater heater to dry the dishes consumes lots of additional energy. So the best way is to turn it off. Also it’s good to unplug the dishwater machine when it is not in use or you are out of the house.

15. Reduce the humidity inside the house
It can greatly help you to make more comfortable conditions during the warm weather. To achieve that, you have to use a dehumidifier. When you use it you can minimize the number of times that you have to turn on your air-conditioning system.

16. Purchase an air-conditioning system that really can help you to save energy and money
There are air conditioning systems which are designed to help you to conserve energy. The have energy efficiency classes from A to D also.
Remember the really efficiency air conditioning system that deserve to spend money to buy is that that has a coefficient of transformation more than 4.


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