Energy efficiency tips – part 4

Energy efficiency tips – part 4
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17. Buy more food items to place into the refrigerator
The cooling system of the refrigerator usually works harder with larger space. So if the refrigerator is half empty it will require more energy to keep cool down. You should try to consume more space inside the refrigerator.

18. Turn off your computer

Most of the people think that if the computer is off and on it would wear out the system faster. But this is untrue, especially for the newer computers. Turn it to a practice to turn off the computer whenever you are not using it.

19. Turn off all heat sources inside the house in summer
Some of them could be lights, appliances or other electrical devices. It very well known that each electric devices produce and heat energy during it operating ours. So keep in mind to turn off all of them when they are not in use.

20.Use LED or PCLE lamp
LED lighting is one of the most energy efficiency lighting bulbs.

21. Using the right amount of detergent
When you use the dishwasher machine is important to be sure that you use the right amount of detergent. The reason of that is because too much or too little amount of it can affect negative on the dishwasher efficiency. Read the instruction well to be sure you use it right and you will really save energy.

22.Turn off the electric oven in advance when you cook
Try to turn off the electric oven in advanced – a few time before the meal to be ready. Don’t worry about the meal, since the oven can retain heat for a while.

23. Select the right place for the refrigerator in the kitchen
Remember that the temperature around the place where the refrigerator is situated, can affect on the appliance efficiency. So select the most cooler place into the room. Do not put the refrigerator next to the electric oven or other heating devices.

24.Defrost the refrigerator regularly
It’s very important to be done on a regular basis to keep the high efficiency of the appliance.Also it will help to prolonging its life.

24. Insulate the house
Insulation of the ceiling and walls will safe about 25% of your energy consumption for heating or cooling. Replacement of the windows with a more efficiency could reduce your energy bill with about 35%.


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