EnergyKids classroom – teachers area

EnergyKids classroom – teachers area
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Dear teachers, tutors and lecturers, please do feel free to contact us in any queries you are interested in or worried.

Our team is ready to listen to you, to support you in finding the best solutions for your task, to assist you in research activities or to provide you with the necessary materials and tools.

In this section, you can find various information and education materials and resources in the field of energy, energy sources, energy savings, emissions and environment protection.

The materials are become available for internet use, desktop applications, hard copy and etc.

We keep to continue to add more energy resources, material and tools as they are developed. Please check back with us regularly for new additions.

If you didn’t manage to find the information or materials that you need, please feel free to ask us.

If you have materials that you think should be included into the website or you have your materials that you want to share with the rest teachers, please send them to us or let us know.

Anny comments of you about the website and the materials are wellcomed. Please e-mail us.

If you want to find any specific information, please email us and we will do all our best to find and upload and provide you the documents and tools you need.

We will appreciate to receive any feedback from you.


We are ready to provide you advisory services, assistance and support in your teachers activities according to (but not only):

  •     Energy Efficiency
  •     Renewable energy
  •     Carbon market
  •     Energy management
  •     Project management
  •     Sustainable plan development
  •     Policy Making
  •     Software and methodology

We organise and provide regular and specialized training courses and seminars. Additionally, presentations, articles, lectures, CDs, videos and related training materials may be downloaded from our website database.

Our goal is to provide training for you to expand your knowledge and skills to reach your personal best potential and to impress your auditory.

Contact our team and find out what we can do for you.

All delegates who attend our courses will receive a Certificate of attendance upon completion of the course.

Courses and training materials are providing in English, Russian and Bulgarian.

For any further queries, please do feel free to contact us.


Thank you for visiting our website. We hope you find the information and materials here helpful.