How to make touch sensitive circuit on the wall

How to make touch sensitive circuit on the wall
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Do you know you cand make a touch sensitive electric circuits on the wall, by yourself?

Yes, it is possible and really easy to be realized.
You jusn need a clean wall, a brush and electric paint.

Electric Paint is just like any other water-based paint… except that it’s electrically conductive!

Uou can us it to paint any wires onto different things like walls, clothes, furniture.

The electric paint can easily combinated with the standard acrylic or water-based paints.
The standart paints are not electrically conductive, and because of that you can use them to drown up som insulation or to create multi-layer circuits.

The electric paint can be applyied by a brush, a roller, printmaking equipment or spray.

As the electric paint dries the conductivity increases. It means you need to wait enought time to be sure the paint is rally dry and then to start your experiments to test how it works.

The electric paint is not waterproof and can be cleaned up by water. Also you can paint over it with another waterproof paint if you want to keep your interactive device.

See how it works:

Look at the some tutorials to exploare different ideas