Magic air properties

Magic air properties
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In the air section you can find how to use science to perform magic tricks based on the air properties and how to enhance any magic show.

These tricks and ideas can be used in any science projects or just for fun.

If you know any different tricks that would like to share with the other kids, you can contact us and we will make it possible.


Click on the list bellow to find how to perform it.


Does air take up space?

All you need is a large handkerchief (or a crumpled newspaper) and empty glass.

Step 1: You should stuff the handkerchief or the crumpled newspaper into an empty glass or jar.
Please, make sure the handkerchief will not fall out when you turn the glass upside down.
Step 2: Fill a pot with water.
Step 3: Holding the glass so that its mouth is down, put the glass deep into the pot of water and hold it there.
Step 4: Wait for a minute or two. Then pull the glass out of the water and remove the handkerchief.


What you will see: The handkerchief is dry.

Why: Water cannot fill the glass because the glass is already filled with air. The “empty” glass is full of air. So, air takes up space. Air is a gas. It has no size or shape of its own but will fill every space it can.

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Can we fill the empty bottle?
All you need is: a paper funnel, an empty soda bottle, clay, pour water.

Step 1: Place a funnel in the neck of an empty soda bottle.
Step 2: Pack clay around the neck of the bottle so that there is no space between the bottle and the funnel.
Step 3: Pour water into the funnel. Notice what happens.
Step 4: Take the clay off the bottle and funnel.


What you will see: While the clay is there, the water remains in the funnel or enters the bottle only in slow spurts. But when the clay is removed, the water flows freely into the bottle.

Why: The clay seals the neck of the bottle outside of the funnel. When water flows into the funnel, the air cannot escape except by going through the water very slowly. The air in the bottle takes up space and prevents the water from coming in. When the clay is removed and air is able to leave around the neck of the bottle, then water can flow in. This proves that air takes up space.

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