Magic heat properties

Magic heat properties
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In the heat magic section you can find how to use science to perform magic tricks based on the heat properties and how to enhance any magic show.

These tricks and ideas can be used in any science projects or just for fun.

If you know any different tricks that would like to share with the other kids, you can contact us and we will make it possible.

Click on the list bellow to find how to perform it.

  • Can you tell hot from cold
  • Can we make heat by friction
  • Can we make heat from electricity
  • How heat blows up a baloon
  • How a thermometer works
  • How heat changes solid to liquid
  • Heat by radiant energy
  • Why sidewalks have spaces
  • Heat can change liquid to gas
  • How evaporation cools
  • Ice and salt
  • Ice cubes fun
  • Degree and calories
  • Why hot metals handles
  • Heat travels in water and air
  • How to heat by radiation


Can you tell hot from cold?
The answer is not always “Yes”. See why.

All you need is: three pans or bowls, hot water and cold water.

Step 1: Prepare hot water. Be sure the water is not too hot to put your hands in it.
Step 2: Half fill one with hot water. Please ensure the watre is not hot enough to buml!!!!
Step 3: Place lukewarm water in the second.
Step 4: Place pour very cold water in the third.
Step 5: Set them in a row on the table, with the lukewarm water in the center.
Step 6: Place your left hand in the hot water and your right hand in the cold water. Keep them in for a few minutes.
Step 7: Take your hands out, shake off the water, and put both into the middle bowl.
How do they feel?

What you will see: Your hands feels the temperature of the water different. Your left hand feels cold and your right hand feels warm.

Why: When you put your hands in the center bowl, some heat from your left hand leaves and goes to warm up the water, and so you feel a loss of heat-your left hand feels cold. Heat from the water travels to your cold right hand, and so you feel a gain of heat-your right hand feels warm.

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Can we make heat by friction?
All you need to make the experiments is: nail, hammer, piece of wood.
Caution: Be careful when you youse the hammer and the nail. Do it only when your parrents are near around you.

Step 1: Feel (the temperature of) a nail and hammer.

Step 2: Hammer the nail into a piece of wood. Feel (the temperature of) both nail and hammer again.

Can you see the difference?

What you will see: Both nail and hammer are warm.

Why: The energy of your muscle is given to the moving hammer, and goes from the hammer to the nail. Because of the added energy, the molecules of hammer and nail move faster and the heat is increased.

Friction experiment 2
Step 1: Put your hands on your cheeks to see how warm your hands are.
Step 2: Rub your hands together quickly 10 times. Bring them to your cheeks.

Can you see the difference?

What you will see: After rubbing, your hands are warmer than before.

Why: Friction (rubbing) causes movement of molecules. So the temperature of your hands was raised.

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