Magic water properties

Magic water properties
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In the water magic section you can find how to use science to perform magic tricks based on the water properties and how to enhance any magic show.

These tricks and ideas can be used in any science projects or just for fun.

If you know any different tricks that would like to share with the other kids, you can contact us and we will make it possible.

Click on the list bellow to find how to perform it.

  • Is it food mostly water
  • Is water coming out of the air
  • Is water going into the air
  • What is water size
  • Hard water
  • Water pressure
  • Invisble ink
  • Is water pure
  • What happen when something dissolved
  • Make a crystal
  • Which way does water run
  • Pressure, shape, size
  • Water seeks the own level
  • How to measure water pressure
  • A hot water bag can lift an object
  • What objects can folat
  • Your weigh is less in water
  • Bottle submarine
  • Soap boat
  • Float and egg
  • Surface tension
  • How to hold water in a strainer
  • Many coins in a jar


Is is food mostly water?
The experiment described bellow will show you why the answer is Yes.

All you need is: an apple (potato, orange or other similar fruit or a piece of raw), meat, lettuce leaf.

Step 1: Grate an apple (or the fruit you have or the piece of raw meat).
Step 2: Let a lettuce leaf stand in the air.

What you will see: Water (juice) will be pressed or squeezed out. The lettuce will wilt and grow smaller as the water in it dries up.

Why: Most of our foods contain large quantities of water. Potatoes are 3/4 water. Green vegetables, such as lettuce, are 95% water. Beef is more than % water. Men and animals are made up of 60% to 70% water. Water is necessary to sustain life.

Did you manage to see how the size of the apple (or the piece of meat) decrease after the squeezing? Do you know why?
Yes. That’s true: It’s because of the missing watter. As you see above green vegitable are 95% water.

Now can you try to answer of the question: Why dehydrated foods-foods with the water removed-are used when it is necessary to save space?

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Is water coming out of the air?

All you need to proove this is: empty tin can, ice, water, vegetable dye

Step 1: Remove the label from an empty tin can.
Step 2: Fill the tin can with ice and add water.
Step 3: Add a few drops of vegetable dye.
Step 4: Let it stand on the table for a short while.

What you will see: The tin can lokks like to be “sweating,” for drops of water form on the outside.

Why: The drops are not colored and so they could not come from ice water leaking out of the can. The water comes from the air. Water vapor (water in the form of gas) in the air around the can has been cooled by the ice. The small particles of air, the air molecules, are slowed down when they become cold, so they move closer together (see chapter on heat) and change into liquid form. This is known as condensation. Clouds are formed when large numbers of these drops of water collect on dust particles as the air is’ cooled. The drops fall to earth, as rain or snow, when they become too heavy to be held up by the pressure of air.

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