The 6 weirdest gadgets of 2017

The 6 weirdest gadgets of 2017
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hushmeWorld’s first voice mask for mobile phones. It is a personal acoustic device that protects speech privacy in open space environments.


Geko smart whistle

geko smart whistleWhen you blow the gadneg test, call or email to you contacts, using the local GPS navigation and recording sound.



hypersuitIt is a full body joystick. It’s a platform on which you lie spread-eagled. There are handles attached to a pair of wings. The idea is that you simulate flying or swimming.


Jagger and Lewis smart dog collar


smart dog collarThis is the first smart dog collar capable of understanding dog behavior — designed to observe your pet, advise you in their care, and quickly alert you when he’s not feeling well. This is a pet device that mesures health and happiness indicators on 6 axes of freedom. 


Ara smart  toothbrush

ara smart toothbrushA smart electric toothbrush that connects to your mobile device: record your data that you can chart on your own and share with others.



Taclim real virtual boot

taclim-tactile-shoesTaclim is a set of shoes and gloves for VR with built-in tactile devices to give haptic feedback to users.
Taclim generates the sense of stepping on the ground in virtual spaces (desert, grassland, water etc.), brings you the sense of wearing shoes worn by the virtual character and brings a sense of touch.