What is energy efficiency

What is energy efficiency
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By saving energy you are helping to save the environment and planet.
Could you imagine what would happen if there wasn’t enough energy, there would be no electricity and any hot water, there would not be heating and cooling for your home, would be no fuel to drive the car . . .

Are you still sure there is no enought reasons to start thinking about energy savings?

When we produce, transport and use energy we need to thing about the conservation of energy. Energy efficiency and energy conservation have different meaning but both of the terms are connected to the energy savings.

electric bulb transformation

Energy conservation means to do things that help us to use less energy and to keep storaged energy by less losses. Energy efficiency means to use technologies that perform the same fuction but consume less energy, or to apply measures or activities that will help you to use less energy. For example replacement of the bulbs with energy efficiency or replace your old windows frame and put the thermal insulation of your home.

There are two main type of energy efficiency measures: active and passive.
The active energy efficiency measures could be replacement of the heating boiler with a new energy efficiency once. Typicle example of passive measures could be windows shadings, which prevent summer sunlight to go into your home and respectively it will reduce the cooling energy that your home needs.

Energy Efficiency Concepts – what the energy efficiency means actually?

Your body could be energy efficiency as well
Think about how do you use your own energy to move or play.
To be efficient you need to move in ways that don’t use more energy than necessary. Your body does it automatically. For example when you fill tired after a long day of school or a park, you just walk. It is because your body keeps the rest of your energy and save it untill you have some eat and rest.

Efficient Technology
efficient homeThe newer appliances and equipment are built to be super efficiently. When your old appliances break, ask your parents to replace them with energy-efficient models that have a special ENERGY STARĀ® label. The energy star labels identify the energy efficiency class of the devices labelling them with the letters from A to G. The most efficiency device is pointed by A.


Simple energy efficiency tips

  • Turn the lighting key off when you go out of the room.
  • Keep the doors closed if you keep different temperature in the different rooms at your home.
  • Use energy efficiency bulbs and devices.
  • Shut off the computers and TV when you dont use them. Don’t leave them in standby mode.
  • Unplug your phone charger when not in use.
  • Think about home improvements (replacement of the old windows with a new, put thermal insulation of the building, replace the old energy devices weith energy efficiency once…)
  • Keep warm but not hot at your room doring the winter.

If you want to ventilate your room by opening windows or doors – remember it’s more energy efficiency if you open wide the windows (door) for a few minutes (1-2 minutes) then to keep them tighty opened for 10 minutes.

If you have any ideas how to be efficient and to save energy, or just want to tell the rest of the kids about your energy activities, please share with us.

Inspect your home
You can ask your parrents what do they thing about to inspect your home by energy audit.